Survey required

Guide to understanding installation exceptions.

In most cases connecting your property with fibre broadband is a simple exercise. However in some premises you may need to complete some additional work before it can be connected to fibre. This is because the infrastructure supplying properties varies around the Island depending on several factors, including when properties were built and the location of the property. This page explains what you need to do if your property has been identified as needing a survey.

Survey Required

In certain circumstances we may not know what infrastructure is available for the delivery of fibre to a property, or it may be some distance from the network distribution point. Where this is the case, the property will have a ‘Survey’ exception marked against it. If this is the case for your property, a Planning Engineer will visit to check and advise accordingly after you have placed an order for a fibre-based service.

Any infrastructure required in the pavement or carriageway will be completed by the Fibre team however, if no ducting exists at the actual property, then the owner will need to complete that work themselves. In this instance, please see our “Buried Cable” guide for further information. The Planning Engineer will discuss the work the Fibre team will carry out and what, if any, you will need to complete. Both pieces of work will need to be completed for the installation of the fibre cable. The aim is to complete this initial survey with the owner within 10 working days of the order being placed. The Planning Engineer will also advise the timescales to complete any additional works required by the Fibre team.

Illustration of scenario where additional infrastructure work will be completed by the Fibre team (in red) and the residents (in green).

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