MDU cabling required

Guide to installation exceptions.

In most cases connecting your property with fibre broadband is a simple exercise. However in some premises you may need to complete some additional work before it can be connected to fibre. This is because the infrastructure supplying properties varies around the Island depending on several factors, including when properties were built and the location of the property. This page explains what you need to do if your property has been identified as needing Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) cabling. MDU is a term that refers to apartments or a block of flats.

Multi-Dwelling Unit (Apartments)

A Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) is the generic name for an apartment block or block of flats.

Whilst the building may have been passed with fibre as part of a wider release, each individual apartment or flat also needs cabling directly. To complete this, Fibre team needs permission from the Building Management Company or Building owner to install the fibre and agree the design & layout. Once permission is granted, the work will be carried out as soon as possible and each apartment or flat will be able to have fibre installed.

Each apartment/flat is designated an internal fibre from their ONT to the floor riser where other services are normally supplied from. On the day of your appointment, the engineer will install a dedicated fibre along the agreed route with the building management Company/Building owner to the apartment/flat and install the ONT in the best possible position as agreed with the resident.

The picture below shows a typical fibre network within a multi dwelling unit.

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