If you check your post code on our Fibre broadband availability checker and get one the following results it means that the Fibre team will have to either survey your premises or ask you to complete some additional groundwork before you can get a connection.

  1. Fibre available now, Buried Cable Identified
  2. Fibre available now, MDU Cabling Required
  3. Fibre available now, Survey Required
  4. Fibre available now, Business Premises Survey

This result does not mean that you cannot get a fibre connection. It means that the team needs more information before they can get fibre to your premises and this is because the infrastructure supplying properties varies around the Island depending on several factors, including when properties were built and the location of the property. Please click on the topics below to read our guide on what to do if your property has been identified with an exception:

  1. Buried Cable
  2. MDU (Apartment) Cabling Required
  3. Survey Required
  4. Business Premises Survey Required