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National Broadband Plan.

The National Broadband Plan (NBP), outlined in the Isle of Man’s National Telecoms Strategy, sets out to deliver ultrafast fibre broadband (FTTP) at more than 99% of the Island’s premises.

Isle of Man premises with access to Fibre.


Total premises passed by fibre


90.63% of premises already passed


Intervention zone premises

Our Mission

Outlining our four-year programme.

Given the diversity of the Isle of Man’s landscape and the remote nature of some of the properties, the Isle of Man Government has recognised that delivery of fibre broadband to these areas would be commercially unviable and that funding should be made available to ensure that properties in nine intervention zones would have access to the service.

The National Broadband Plan started on 1st July 2020 with local telecoms provider, Manx Telecom, chosen as the preferred supplier. Fibre is continuing to be rolled out to areas outside of the intervention zones, alongside the NBP.

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The Department for Enterprise has provided funding for the National Broadband Plan to bring fibre connectivity to remote and rural properties in the Isle of Man. This project, initiated in July 2020, is set to conclude by August 2024, eensures that 99% of these properties have access to fibre broadband from their chosen provider. Island-wide, over 40,000 premises now have access to the new fibre network.

Use our Post-Code lookup tool to determine if fibre is available now, or planned for your area.  The unavailability of fibre at your postcode may be due to factors such as the need for planning permissions for the installation of poles, third-party support, or other considerations that currently prevent specifying a definitive date.

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